It was a visionary idea that prompted us to found DAA in 2009: We wanted to finally do something effective to counter the modernization backlog in our boiler rooms. After all, old heating systems and poorly insulated houses consume too much energy and pollute our environment. Making buildings fit for a climate-friendly future - with a new heating system, solar technology or energy modernization - that is our mission and our daily drive!

How do we approach this goal? By providing homeowners throughout Germany with targeted information on their renovation projects and bringing them together with local tradesmen. Since our founding, we have continuously built up our contacts with the trades, our partner network, and a number of online portals - and have grown steadily in line with Germany's climate protection efforts. Having grown up with the photovoltaic boom of the 2010s, we were able to gain an international foothold in Spain shortly afterwards.


DAA has been part of the Bosch Group since 2017. As a wholly owned subsidiary, we continue to pursue an independent orientation and mutually utilize our synergies for further growth. Today, DAA employs over 100 people in two locations: Hamburg (headquarters with account management, IT, online marketing, and quality management) and Cologne (account management).


Today, we can look back on a proud record: we have already processed over three million modernisation inquiries from homeowners - making us the top contact point in Germany in this area - and we're going to keep going!

Our vision for this decade: We want to continue playing an active role in shaping the energy transition and energy modernisation of our buildings - throughout Europe. Because it is one of the biggest challenges of our time! To this end, DAA develops and supplies all market participants with the online solutions needed to equip homes with state-of-the-art building technology and counteract climate change.

Malte Steingrube, Geschäftsführer der DAASebastian Zahn, Geschäftsführer der DAA

Malte Steingrube & Sebastian Zahn

Executive Management Team

Malte and Sebastian, who have been a cornerstone of DAA since its inception, form an unbeatable team that drives innovation and success.

Since 2010, Malte has played a transformative role at DAA, first as Head of Sales and Business Developer in the startup phase, and since 2020 in the management of the scaleup DAA, where he is responsible for commercial management, internationalization, and Sales & Business Development. As an economist with a focus on organizational psychology, Malte not only has a deep understanding of economic aspects but also of the psychological dynamics that significantly influence the success of our strategies. Malte's vision, strategic leadership, and sales-driven personality have helped make DAA a leader in the industry. His commitment and ability to recognize and seize opportunities have been crucial to the growth and success of our company.

Since 2011, Sebastian, a computer science graduate, has been largely responsible for DAA's technology stack, first as Head of IT and since 2020 as Managing Director with a focus on IT, online marketing, and product development. As an expert in IT and online marketing with a solid background in machine learning and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Sebastian has significantly contributed to DAA's success. His technical know-how and innovative power have brought the company to the forefront of the industry. Sebastian stands out as a visionary who always keeps an eye on the latest technological trends and skillfully integrates them into our products and services.

Together, Sebastian and Malte shape the constant growth path of DAA and have created an agile and efficient corporate culture that promotes innovation while ensuring strong customer orientation.



My name is Anna and I am your central contact for any questions or concerns you may have.

Anna Lange