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Buying leads is an effective tool for guaranteeing utilization and targeted growth. But buying leads is also a broad, often confusing field with diverse providers and services for a wide range of industries. Therefore, we give you an orientation here, which types of leads you can buy from us.





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Buy high quality and qualified leads

Buy leads according to your needs

From a lead quantity of approx. 20 inquiries per month, you can buy high-quality and qualified leads with various filter options and quality classes from us. Interested parties (m/f/d) that we forward to you are then, for example, exclusively owners of the property in question, want to implement the structural measure within the next six months, and are expressly interested in being contacted and having offers prepared by specialist companies. In addition, various trade-specific and local filter options are available to you, with which we ensure an individual and precise delivery of leads. You will be supported by a qualified account manager.

This means that you can buy seasonally independent, tested, warm leads (hot leads) for photovoltaics, heating and the renovation of residential buildings from us. Sometimes interested parties (m/f/d) have not yet made a final decision when choosing their new heating system or the appropriate renovation measure and are therefore open for consultation. This gives you room for maneuver when preparing offers (so-called "open leads" or "multi-leads"). If you want to be the sole supplier to the prospective customer (m/f/d), you can also buy exclusive leads from us (on request).

Important: What you do not get with us

  1. You cannot buy B2B leads from us.
  2. We do not offer services and tools that allow you to generate your own leads via your company homepage - e.g. with the help of calculators, forms etc.
  3. Likewise, we do not generate exclusive leads for you via advertising on social media platforms or in career networks.
  4. We also do not offer visitor tracking, i.e. identifying visitors to your company homepage and generating your own "website leads" from them.
  5. We do not place professionals.


If you are interested in photovoltaic leads, heating leads or renovation leads, simply register your company with us. Alternatively, you can also contact us by e-mail or phone (040 209 316 270). Our customer service will contact you after a short time, clarify all relevant questions and guide you through the new registration.

You can then discuss all the details for regular delivery of leads with your personal account manager. Once we have all the information, we are usually ready to deliver within two working days and you can initially test our leads for three months. Important: You will only incur costs once you have received a valid lead from us and your welcome voucher worth €50 (gross) has been used up.

9 good reasons to buy leads from DAA TODAY


Anyone who wants to buy good leads online in a serious manner is sometimes confronted with a number of prejudices according to which you should not buy leads - or if you do, then only specially generated, exclusive leads. If you feel unsettled by this, we can certainly understand this - also due to the sometimes vehement lecturing of individual websites. But this is not good style. We believe that when it comes to buying leads, you decide for yourself which lead model suits you best. And that lead quality prevails with the right framework conditions. More than 1,700 companies already rely on DAA leads.

As an aid to decision-making, we would like to take this opportunity to address the most common prejudices on the subject of lead buying, and to contrast the supposed "arguments" with the advantages that you enjoy when buying leads with DAA.

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DAA transformS sOMETHING prejudiced into REAL advantageS


"You buy pure address lists and in bulk, unspecifically generated data."
DAA, you determine individually and very specifically, based on your filter criteria, how many leads you would like to obtain from us for which trade, in which region and in which time period.


"Purchased leads often contain false, invented or incorrect contact details, telephone numbers or email addresses."
With DAA, you determine individually and specifically, based on your filter criteria, how many leads you would like to obtain from us for which trade, in which region and in which time period.


"You buy outdated records. You can't verify the timeliness of a lead and it's the wrong time to contact them."
DAA leads
are immediately verified systemically and / or by telephone after receipt in our system and are made available in the contract for a maximum of 2 working days from this point. We additionally ensure the timeliness of our leads by providing concrete information on which days and at which times interested parties (m/f/d) can be reached. In addition, we ensure on request, for example, that the project start date specified by the interested party (m/f/d) is no further than 6 months in the future.


"You buy quantity rather than quality. The quality of the purchased leads is poor and instead of high quality data you get cold leads."
For leads you order from us , we guarantee basic quality standards (intention to convert within 6 months, contact desired, verified contact data). These quality criteria are supplemented by various, additional data points in the inquiry exposé, depending on the respective trade. In this way, we ensure that you can buy high-quality, qualified and warm leads from us at any time.


"Purchased inquiries do not fit your company. On the part of the inquirer, there is no interest in the services, products and services of your company and the contact data was left incidentally, for a different motivation."
DAA leads
are generated in the direct, trade-specific topic environment. This is done via our own and affiliated information portals on the Internet on photovoltaics, heating and renovation. Here, interested parties (m/f/d) leave us their consulting request. Verified inquiries also receive an advance e-mail from us that your company will contact you for a consultation and quotation. DAA does not generate leads via address entries that are "incidental" or for a consideration, such as via sweepstakes, raffles, downloads of eBooks, other forms or address purchases.


"Lead buying is only successful with self-generated leads, as they show a direct interest in your company."
Experience has shown that self-generated leads are not available in the quantity and regional and qualitative targeting that professional, larger sales structures require. In addition, the wheat must be separated from the chaff here as well, which represents additional effort. However, self-generated leads can be a good supplement to traditional lead buying.


"Buying leads online is too expensive, doesn't pay for itself, and doesn't save you time."
leads you purchase through DAA, you have full cost control over your marketing budget at all times. You can transparently track the prices at which you buy your leads from us - and how many orders you win from the forwarded inquiries. In addition, the pre-selection process, which is tailored to your needs, reduces your administrative workload considerably. You can hardly support your sales more efficiently.


"Lead buying is a legal gray area. Data protection requirements are often not adhered to and prospects have not given consent to be contacted."
DAA is unequivocally committed to data protection! Personal data of interested parties (m/f/d) are generated and processed by us absolutely DSGVO compliant. With our additional telephone pre-qualification, we also ensure that interested parties (m/f/d) explicitly consent to being contacted by specialist companies - one of several core quality criteria for DAA leads.


"When buying leads, companies run the risk of being marked as spam, ending up on spam lists and suffering damage to their image or reputation due to unwanted contact."
that you order from us , have explicitly agreed to be contacted for a consultation or quote by specialist companies. In addition, we announce your company in advance to all prospects whose leads you have purchased from us. Last but not least, buying leads through DAA enables a transparent evaluation of your company, where you can collect positive signals from end customers with good performance.

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I am your contact for customized lead systems. We provide even complex sales structures with a perfect fit. Please feel free to contact me directly.

Jan Stratmann, Head of Account Management DACH at DAA

Jan Stratmann

Head of Account Management DACH